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Well Done to everyone who has participated in our Zoom Weekly Sessions. 

We look forward to working in small groups very soon.

Challenge 1: Find 7 objects in your home to spell the word netball

Well Done to Abi, Anika, Portia, Megan, Mady (and Luke).

If you didn't enter, maybe you can work out what the items are.

Well Done to Luke our Year 8 Team manager for being a true part of netball. 

Challenge 2: Find your teddy and put him in an odd place.

If you didn't enter, maybe you can work out what this teddy is next to? 

Well Done to:

Anika whose teddy is in the fruit bowl.

Myla, whose Tatty Cat had its first swimming lesson.

Megan, whose Pinkie The world Famous explorer discovered the biggest Amethyst Geod known to teddy bears.

Mady whose Teddy helped her with her netball challenge on finding out about a netball player. 

Challenge 3 Find 3 facts on a Mavericks Netball Player

Mady Jones found the following information:

Georgina "George" Fisher

1. Has been part of England netball at 14

2. 6ft 2in tall

3. Currently the top scorer in the super league with 131 goals

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